Draw with Fire
Draw with fire! You have to see it to believe it. Screen shots do not do this justice.

You get to draw with living, breathing, fire! It's fascinating to watch your drawings really come to life.

** 9 different fiery "brushes" to sculpt the flames however you want.

** 9 different colors to choose, including rainbow colored, which is great for sparkly drawings, and dark gray for smoke effects.

** Save & Load drawings

** Press the magic wand button to watch your drawing re-drawn, just as you drew it, as if drawn by a magical ghost!

** Unlimited undo capability. Don't sweat mistakes!

** Email a still of your drawing to yourself or a friend.

Hands down, the most fascinating drawing program for your iPad.

A GREAT way to show off to your friends, so they can see just what your new iPad is capable of!


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